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Europe: September 2001

The Wonders of Barcelona, Spain

posted November 2001
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Instead of a complete webtrip to Europe, I offer here a taste of Barcelona. I fell in love with the rambling, flowing city & the pictures I took there show it more than my other pictures (yet could never fully catch it). Maybe I had just gotten up to speed with the whirlwind of colorful places, peoples & foods. The words & pictures don't even tell the story of how Barcelona changed me. You'll just have to go.
Barcelona is gorgeous. I was enjoying Spain (the food was incredible, with Spanish Style Gazpacho everyday), but I just knew I wasn't going to like Barcelona. I hate cities. One of my big peeves is how people say Seattle as if it's the same as saying Washington. Seattle's okay, I'm just not a city girl. Barcelona is mind-blowingly huge. Full of people & hurry, but also delight -- wonderful nature-inspired buildings, so many trees they almost interfered with the pictures, & even some of what might be best about Europe's deep history: car-free roads.

olive garden

It was all about Gaudí for me, but I sure wish we had such a market here in Oly. With a style of presentation to rival any US supermarket, the Mercat San Josep had entire stalls dedicated to gorgeous olives; to glittering, chewy candy; to hams & salamis the likes of which you have not seen unless you've been to Spain. Bob traditionally gives his brother-in-law a great big salami for Christmas & I can't tell you how much I wished I could have brought one home for Bob this year.

...& the seafood? Wow...

seafood - mariscos
detail of the stained glass arch at the market entrance
stained glass arch at the market entrance

market display of dried fruits and other goodies
fruits a' plenty

vegetables and fruits - or is squash a fruit?
leftie salamis and cheeses
salamis & cheeses
i couldn't work there
he's got legs
Mmmm...I love markets. I've seen a lot of markets -- fishy wet-floored day & night markets all around the Pacific -- & I'm not saying they should be squeaky clean & set out like a supermarket, but the market of Barcelona is one I'll walk through in my mind for years to come. Wish I could go there right now.
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