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"The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware,
joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware."

posted 25 October 2004

this is my life

i think it's all about attitude * you get out what you put in & all that * my life is the white-crowned sparrow in the fern outside my window catching my eye as i sneak a couple hours between tasks on a Monday morning to catch up on my real work of keeping the creative juices flowing * life is ol' Blue Eyes singing about his way right after a Flaming Lips song about how we were never meant to make it -- both of them comforting to me in their own way, the old ways always connecting to the new -- followed by a heartswell of percussion called The Other Parade, a song that speaks without words of getting lost in a good moment *

c'm'ere #13 -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 20 October 2004
red 26
slide show at tyV: ten twenny
c'm'ere #13
leftie red 26 -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 20 October 2004

life is the habit ever since i started writing myself in stories of calling myself Em because i love the letter M & because i always type em instead of me ... then being left for a girl named Emma -- & being able to appreciate the humour in it, of course, that's vital * a little thing like that -- a secret name that i slip & type so often but have never shared -- reminds me of 2 other lives connected to the present, keeping the breadcrumbs scattered on the path behind me * one memory takes me to Portland, to the time when i started writing my life as it might be, as it was in some parallel universe of emotion dream echo possibility * in a way it was the true story of that time * the other reminder that i'm no better than any other, a reminder to see & appreciate every bit of it, including the irony of those laughing fates * i smile at it all *

my horrorscope this week
(for the week of 21 October 2004):
I have a good imagination, but it's difficult for me to wrap my mind around the possibility that anyone besides a white Christian fundamentalist millionaire is planning to vote for George W. Bush in the upcoming election. The man is not only a menace to the environment, women's rights, healthcare, the economy, science, and the English language, but is also fighting terrorism in all the wrong ways. Still, I refuse to detest him. On the contrary, I send him my blessings. Likewise, though I'm pained by readers who enjoy my horoscopes yet support Bush, I love them just the same. It's very important for you to apply my approach in the coming weeks, Aries. Do not, under any circumstances, revile the people you disagree with. Keep in mind Booker T. Washington's view: "I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him."

angel cards i just drew:
patience    simplicity    enthusiasm

how am i doing?
in answer i'll quote the tarot reading i had this morning: "the wise approach is to be as adaptable as possible as life surprises you with your own contradictions" * i'm loving the contridictions with a patient enthusiasm for the simplicity of it all *
high tide #9
high tide #9 -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 20 October 2004
my favorite crushes:
Viggo *
Denis *
D *

blue 2 (octubre 2004) -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 20 October 2004
blue 2 (octubre 2004)

my favorite dream:
this time i'm gonna confess a daydream, one which will come as no surprise if you've read any of my other rants... certainly i'm no original * when i think about my work & my art, the beauty of the everyday & the not enough hours in each one... i dream of some good old-fashioned role-playing, twisted to suit of course * i'll never make a classic wifey but gad i could make a strong half in a good home * i don't need to be supported but i sure would love to be able to worry less about money & more about my art -- including, especially, the art of the home * i've got a great home now, a fridge full of local goodies, a pup in the yard, 4 beaches within easy walking distance, a community that values the truly sacred things like our bright milky way sky, folks who'd make awesome grandparents (yet have 3 verrrrrrrry slow-blooming children between them) 2 doors down... i'm just saying * life's a lot for one person *

sit #13 -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 20 October 2004
sit #13

i can get by on little -- it's never too little thanks to the universe which always provides * there are other riches, some of them worth more than money * time to walk down to the beaches being a big one (Pippin's most important job is walking his mommy everyday) * time to cook with delicious local ingredients * time to play, to create, to share * i mean to enjoy all the moments, believe me, but life just keeps getting bigger the more you share it * i believe i'm made to share my life, my home & damnit i've got a lot to offer the right kinda guy who lives the kind of life i'm good for, wants the kinda girl i am * crazy honest lively balanced open steady * all girl, i'm tellin' ya, but i love beer, baseball, camping, everything to do with rivers... sigh, yes, like the cheesiest of hopeless romantics, i dream of being swept away! meanwhile i am swept away by life itself... everyday *
red 30 (octubre 2004)
red 30 (octubre 2004) -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 20 October 2004
my answers to those questions he always asks on Inside the Actors Studio are as follows (today):
my most favorite word is land *
my least favorite word is bulldozer *
what turns me on is my mind racing *
what turns me off is dull work *
a sound i love is the release of all that tense breath when the Red Sox make it through a game *
a sound i hate is cars speeding down my little road at night *
my favorite curse word is damn... we're in a tight spot! *
a profession other than my own that i would love to try is wanderer *
a profession i would hate to try is fisherman *
if i end up at the pearly gates & there is a god to greet me, i would want her to say, "there are some people here waiting for you" *

speaking of rain #64 -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 20 October 2004
speaking of rain #64

what i'm watching:
Inside the Actors Studio
O Brother, Where Art Thou?, again -- what a fun film, & ya gotta love Clooney

birds at my feeders this week:
what i am reading:

what music is playing
(love that iTunes shuffle):
speaking of rain #73
speaking of rain #73 -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 20 October 2004
slide show at tyV: ten twenny


leftie self-portrait #12 (octubre 2004) -- photo by Sienna, Caspar Headlands, 20 October 2004
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