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I asked my pal Ethan what he thought of the Sonics trade & this list is what he emailed back to me.

'Bye Cowboy...
Desmond Mason: what an awesome player... too bad his future is now with the Bucks. (photo: Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images)
(photo: Noah Graham/NBAE/
Getty Images)

'Bye Glove...
GP, The Glove, Gary Payton: a superstar does *not* get what he deserves in Seattle after 13 years. (Photo Credit: Grant M. Haller/Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
(photo: Grant M. Haller/ Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Heartbreak in Seattle

I am not happy with the trade for several reasons.

  1. I just got my talking Gary Payton bobblehead doll (I'll have to sew a Bucks jersey for him, and last year's Mason and Payton Bobblehead dolls)
  2. The Starf*ck just treated a superstar like crap...how many free agents are going to want to sign with us?
  3. MASON! WHAT THE HELL! I would have been fine with Payton walking at the end of the year, but to miss out on one of Mason's packs and career...jeez.
  4. I think that Payton is right about the Starf*ck not knowing how to run a team...wasn't McMillan saying just a couple of weeks ago that he has a roster af guys who play the same game? We just added another jump shooter who can't play defense...Brent Barry comes to mind (I like Brent as a two guard along with a point who can defend, it's called masking a weakness, but how do you expect to mask the entire backcourts weakness?)
  5. What happened to the last Buck we traded for?
  6. I know that we are rebuilding and I can live with it, but didn't we just sign a pure shooter that we're talking of making "the man."
  7. We just got rid of our two best defenders.
  8. And now I quote George Karl in the win over Portland, "I haven't seen my team defense like this, ever."
  9. There are only so many guys who can energize a team by stepping onto the court, and the Starf*ck has managed to get rid of four over the last two years...Payton, Mason, Paterson (not that I am sad to see him gone... the child molester) and Oyedeji (or however you write his name).
    and the top ten thing that bothers me about the trade:
  10. I've lost my passion...
Ethan Maas
25 February 2003


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