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Razor Clamming

Razor clamming is one of those things I love so much that when I try to describe it all I can say is "it's so fun!"
grey beach lined with colorful people looking for that dimple of the razor clam digging its way down in the sand
I love it 'specially now that I finally get lucky when we go out. It takes a while to learn. Y'know what it is, really? At first you try to avoid getting sandy & wet & you don't get many clams. Then finally you give up on staying dry & clean, you barely use the clam gun or the shovel (I'm a gun girl), you stick your hand way down in the sand after the clam (with some caution due to the name!), up to the elbow & you grab its little neck & you fight with it -- tug-o-war, I swear, it is so much fun -- until it finally gives & or the sand gives, betrays the poor little bugger (not so little) that's gonna taste soooo good!
It seems like it's always cold & rainy or windy, out on the coast & there are bajillions of people there too but it's all part of the fun y'ask me. Even cleaning 'em when you get home, exhausting, tough getting all the sand & guts out, but it's...like it's respectful, I guess, to get your own food & eat it. Feels & tastes better somehow.

Razor clams freeze well -- in fact, it softens them up nicely -- & keep through till the next season. Try my chowder recipe (it's a corn chowder, but just use clams instead).


leftie painted pipe at the Grand Lodge : picture by Sienna M Potts
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