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dream with the leftie

what i like best about you
is that you're so easy
to be with everyday
to talk or not talk with
at ease without words
with them so honest curious attentive
it's impossible not to meet you there
why would i resist?
what you sniff in my footprints
from knowing me over the years
tease out between my lines
from knowing me at once
how you can strip me down
& tie me to the rest of it all
surprises me right onto my own path
mind flying, heart beating
eyes wide open
arms spread welcome
feeling how good it is today
to be alive & awake
it makes me want
to do the same thing for you
i would give you anyeverything
but it's not what you say
it's how you listen
i might get lucky sometime
listen right
toss in just the right
observation confession question
one day witness a revelation unrolling
maybe i have
i'll keep listening
i can promise you that much
you make me feel like
i've never been with a man
maybe i haven't
boys are nice but
you know who you are
you see me
sharing my true self
all girl, a lotta girl
you can take it
you want more
circle #3, #8, #1 -- photos by Sienna, Great Caspar Woods, 10 October 2004
leftie circle #12, #9, #13 -- photos by Sienna, Great Caspar Woods, 10 October 2004
my secrets don't hide from you
censorship, shyness fades
i speak before thinking
listen before guessing
trust us both completely
to whatever end
to no end
to be real true pure open steady
to remember
to admire how we are
so much
different the same as
beside inside of
i would cherish every
bit of your body
i would worship every
door in your heart
thrill at the discovery of every
crevice in your mind
smile at every
breeze of your spirit
i will love you without
keeping you
falling forever on the endlessly
sensual back of faith
i know life is hard
but it tastes so sweet
i know love is fleeting
but it feels so deep
i know you're a challenge...
i don't know if i can handle you
honestly i'm sure i can't
why would i try?
i don't want to be with somebody
i can handle

Sienna M Potts
some then, some now


leftie raven 2 (Mendocino Headlands): photo by Sienna M Potts, 7 October 2004
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