Broccoli and Garlic Bread Soup

This light, refreshing (not to mention highly nutritious) soup is excellent for lunch on its own or as a side with dinner.

you'll need:
1-2 pounds broccoli spears 
6-8 cups stock (I use chicken stock, but vegetable stock is fine for this one) 
juice of 2 lemons 
salt & pepper to taste 
half an hour 
serves 6 

garlic bread:
1-2 slices of bread per person 
garlic to taste (I use a lot, a clove per person) 
butter (you don't need much, or any really) 
grated parmesan cheese (optional) 

Optional: peel the skin off the stems of the broccoli: with a small sharp knife
start at the base & peel carefully up toward the flowerets.
Chop the broccoli into small chunks.
Bring stock to a boil.
Add broccoli chunks & simmer until soft (about 10 minutes).
In a blender or food processor, purée about half of the soup & return it to the pot.
Add salt, pepper & lemon juice.
Heat the soup back up if it has cooled & begin on the garlic bread.

Dice or press garlic & mix into a small amount of butter.
Spread garlic butter onto each bread slice & toast lightly in oven with a sprinkle
of parmesan cheese (if you wish).

Quarter the garlic bread & put a few pieces in the bottom of a soup bowl for each
person. Ladle the broccoli soup over the garlic bread & serve it immediately with
extra slices of bread on the side if you wish.
Sienna Moonfire Designs