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on the Pacific Northwest, Montana & Fishing

posted October 2002
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my rivers section has suffered since i lost my fishing mentor * my river worship is taking a new form in Canyonlands & the ocean has my attention in Caspar *
one picture story from the old days survives: Montana: October 2002

Recommended Books

I always recommend visiting your local independent bookstore (after all, buying a book is a political act), but the books I have underlined are available on Amazon (just click the title).

disclaimer: I haven't read all of these books cover to cover. Most of them are from our collection of fly fishing books, but some of them are just on our wishlist.

Recommended Websites

For more visit: rivers, fish, water

page:    montana 2002    recommend

if you're wondering what the story with BigSkyCoffee.com is, ask Bob


leftie Eric, our guide on the Clark Fork River in Montana, holds my fish for a picture
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