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the Obsession Chronicles

a good life -- with lists of beloved things (24 May 2006)

seeing the beauty (March 2006)

dark days having their own light (December 2005)

mirror be reflectin' (November 2005)

therebeyou (October 2005)

heart/land (October 2005)

yes, i know (September 2005)

for the time being (April 2005)

the sun coming out (March 2005)

lovin' the one you're with (February 2005)

one for Sarah (January 2005)

whole wide world (December 2004)

walking the mind clear (December 2004)

begin now (December 2004)

fries with a fork (December 2004)

living it up ...& down (November 2004)

rabbit rabbit (November 2004)

this is my life (October 2004)

confession: exhibitionism for the shy (October 2004)

how crazy am i (October 2004)

what's important? (August 2004)

belonging to a place (August 2004)

once in a blue moon (July 2004)

summah... & the living is easy (July 2004)

walking the dog (July 2004)

time flying when you're obsessed (June 2004)

singing in the car (June 2004)

thanking Viggo (June 2004)

getting the hang of it (May 2004)

getting messages (May 2004)

it getting real (May 2004)

what am i doing here? (April 2004)

enjoying the rain (April 2004)

coming up with a plan (April 2004)

i'm so lucky (April 2004)

starting at the bottom (April 2004)

a birthday being a new beginning (March 2004)

beauty being more than skin deep (March 2004)

family warming the heart (March 2004)

getting what they deserve (March 2004)

taking stock (February 2004)

the worm turning (February 2004)

life being a roller coaster (February 2004)

the story wanting to be told (January 2004)

a true friend being a rare gift (January 2004)

dream with the hobbits (January 2004)

getting the blood flowing (January 2004)

home being where the heart is (January 2004)

magic happening (December 2003)

being awake & alive (December 2003)

giving & taking (November 2003)

the universe providing (October 2003)

surrender: dancing lessons from god (September 2003)

last era obsessions: constants & changes (July 2003)

ongoing obsessions: the peace rant (March 2003)

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shadow dance -- Canyonlands (click for this slide show)
cookie #2 (deciembre) -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 3 December 2004
rock 39, Green River (detail) -- photo by Sienna, 25 September 2004
thank you, Viggo: a tribute to an artist of inspiration -- click to visit my new art website with several new slide shows
thank you, Viggo:
a tribute to my mentor, muse & favorite (among others, obsession
* this virtual playground & art gallery hosts several slide shows of my photographs, a collection of Viggo-centric rambles & more to come as inspiration & obsession demand & as time allows *

Seasonal Cooking Recipe Box

a word about my recipes

Pecan Pie

Single or Double Pie Crust

Apple Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Buttermilk Corn Bread

Oven-Fried Chicken

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Broccoli and Garlic Bread Soup

Avgolemono: Greek egg-lemon soup

Carrot Cake

Creamy Carrot Soup

Roasted Pepper Soup

Corn (or Clam) Chowder

Spanish Style Gazpacho

my Cafecito Story



chugging water

ode to Otter

kiss me true

i dance myself to Turks Head

dream with the leftie

d is for damnit

moments become poems

what the fates send

g is for girl

then i left


website works, links and site contents

Caspar: home sweet home

this is me

never get used to it

going home


Pippin: gotta hobbit

Willamette Days

Pippin Comes Home


words can't say (rants & pics from September 2005)

love at first sight (September 2004)

Pacific Coast Adventures

Why Corvallis?

Razor Clamming

Puppy Love

Heartbreak in Seattle

February 2001 Quake

Montana Rivers in October

River Books & Links

Europe: September 2001

Portugal, Spain & France



Nicaragua: July 2000

8 Weeks in Nicaragua (3 pages)

Brief History of Nicaragua

I Recommend: Nicaraguan foods, books, sights to see & links

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leftie mariposa 64: Twin Maple Lane, 30 June 2004 -- photo by Sienna
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