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g is for girl (b is for boy)

she wanted to see
the girl poem
just the word in masking tape
in the middle of my floor
one day when i got home
best love note i ever got
so i went to get the picture
as i reached for it
i saw the cat whisker
i had noticed before
i save those too
but i didn't leave that one
this time there was also
the feather
the one from the moment with Freedom
that i happened to catch
i'll never forget it
g is for girl
"i might have to keep this one"
he said after letting her
brush it across his face
eyes closed to soak it in
i, lucky voyeur, could almost see
a flash back to childhood
& flash forward to fatherhood
then, resurfacing,
he let her run off with it
there it was
that special feather
along with Ocean's whisker
on the mantle
in front of my girl poem
i was speechless
touched past words
hopping happy
at sweet recognition
o boy
it takes so little...
Sunshine came to see
why i suddenly couldn't touch anything
& she knew the feather
from my telling of that moment
lying there next to the whisker
obviously her Ocean's
whether he knew or not
how precious that meaningless
accidental placement
would feel to me
doesn't matter at all
"why can't we keep him?"
she said for the n-th time
so i opened my arms wide
in the gesture for letting go
& said "o but we can"

Sienna M Potts
octubre 2003

Sunshine told me that our little boy (gone now & i hope his adventures are as good as mine still are, if a little more physical/exterior than mental/emotional since that's what he wants) didn't put Ocean's whisker there so i still don't know who did that (i did add another myself) * that's not the point * what struck me so sweet was that my little girl shrine was getting decoration, a form of worship even if it was unconscious, from other hands & at least two of them boy hands (yes, call me pathetic, but that matters) because i do know he put that feather there *


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