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what the fates send

leaving my chosen home
all the ease & comfort
i had gathered around myself
to start over in a new place
with no one to rely on
but myself
that was a cold hard
shot of reality
along came a boy
guardian angel for a moment
a reminder of hope, passion
& simple generous love
making an offering of himself
to help me come back to myself
that was a soft smooth
shot of reality
sunlight shining through a crab shell: photo by Sienna
along came a man
along came a man
mirror & muse
guardian angel for life
full rich confident
searching reaching understanding
showing himself
leaving plenty of room for the
real me
now that...
that was some
12 year old scotch

Sienna M Potts
deciembre 2003


leftie a lovely bridge in Newport: photo by Sienna, taken in the parking lot of the Rogue Brewery
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