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chugging water

we usta chug water together
pounding it like a drug
standing in his kitchen
both with big full glasses
watching eachother
closing our eyes to
surrender completely
chugging the whole glass
all the way down
all water & no air
then gasping
heads swimming
with the purity of it *
we usta walk barefoot together
getting lost everyday
in the same tiny patch
of endless land
bare feet balancing
on fallen trees
on wide wet blades of grass
sometimes sinking to knees
nature taking us
muddy to wet & back
eyes glittering
at the simplicity of it *
we usta cook together
using our hands
never mixing spoons
sinking fingers into
bright food glow
from raw ingredients
to warm tasties
all cherished
for colour & flavour
for full bellies
hearts basking
in the essence of it *
words by Sienna, 7 deciembre 2005
images by Noah, ten years ago at least


leftie a lovely bridge in Newport: photo by Sienna, taken in the parking lot of the Rogue Brewery
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