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i stand at the very edge
of the land
breathing wet salt air
slowly, deeply
listening to
feeling for the waves
crashing & caressing
black rocks below
a rainbow of rocks
mussel colonized
seaweed cloaked
jagged teeth of the cliff
booming beneath the persistent
tongue of the sea
sea lion barks
frog songs
fade & swell
loons & cormorants
appearing, disappearing
in silence through
kelp swishing & flowing
toward, away
like my thoughts
closing my eyes
swaying toward the pull
of the moon high waves
i think of you
not just you
but all the deeps of you
the varied voices
the secret senses
background blessings
all yours
& not yours
flow -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 19 November 2005
i do not try
to place you here
i do not try
to travel there
i spread my hands
to the headlands
to the ocean
to the history living on
in change
i try not to call
you to me
but to offer
boldly, secretly
all of it
simple as the dark light
behind my eyes
going, glowing
warm red now
i gather up
like a wildflower bouquet
the peace & sweet noises
the solidity & bare edges
of water rocks
trees birds
as if by whispering
each of your names
i can wing you a taste
for your own
of the quiet
of the current
of hawk dives
of moist breezes
tangling my hair
all mine
& not mine
i wish them to you
like a gift
letting my ears hands heart
fill & overflow
imagining i can leave
the taps running
for you
it is so bright
when i open my eyes again
i feel surrounded
suddenly by light
floating between
sun bright water
& reaching sky
spirit stretched
gasping at how
luscious close
is falling
i soak it in
then clap my hands
together & shake them out
walk away
leaving it all there
for you to find
shore -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 19 November 2005
Sienna M Potts
13 deciembre 2005


leftie manos -- drawing by Sienna M Potts, 3 December 2005
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