happy b-urp!
to Abby with love from Pippin

happy b-urp! to Abby with love from Pippin

so Jason spent all this time, sneaking out of the house so he could make this lovely cake without you knowing about it, making a point of shoving it far out of Pippin's way yesterday when he left it for the night... came over today all excited with tips to customize the frosting with the happy birthday message, flower designs, all that artistic stuff... & we both forgot about shoving it out of the way of the dog * he went home to prep for his interview & i got absorbed in my obsessive picture naming task when suddenly i heard a suspicious noise from the other side of the house & realized i hadn't seen Pip for a few minutes... sure enough, he had his 2 front paws up on the counter & his nose buried in the frosting! i wish i'd gotten a picture but that wouldn't have gone with the discipline very well...

so here's your burp-day cake, with lots of love from Pippin!

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19 april 2004 :: 5:39 pm Corvallis (Pacific) time
sienna m potts