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Pippin: Willamette Days

entrance 6: Pippin leaps for the stick as it lands in the Willamette River -- 7 July 2004: photo by Sienna
entrance 6
7 July 2004

exit 2 -- photo by Sienna, 7 July 2004 (click to see a slide show of Pippin pics)
exit 2
7 July 2004

day in the life (14 July):
Pippin sliced his foot open on some glass some considerate type left at the Willamette River * for the last week that we lived in Corvallis we were banned from the river -- but in the heat of the summer we couldn't obey the vet's orders! we had to wash off the slow sweaty days * (yes, the paw healed well with twice daily foot soaks which he loved & for which he behaved remarkably well) *

entrance 31 -- photo by Sienna, 14 July 2004 (click to see a slide show of Pippin pics)
entrance 31
14 July 2004

exit 11 -- photo by Sienna, 14 July 2004 (click to see a slide show of Pippin pics)
exit 11
14 July 2004

the many names of my pup:
Pippin (his true name) *
Pip *
Pip-Pip *
Mr. Pips (any of the above work with mister, plain mister works too) *
Master Took *
Peregrin Took *
Fool of a Took *
fool *
precious (no, not precioussss)
Sir Wags-A-Lot *
baby *
baby-pie *
babes *
buds *
bubba *
buddy *
boo *
buddy-boo *
papi *
pookie *
poo *
the poo *
the Pip *
pipper *
pipperoo *
pippity(doo) *
little puppies (as in "little puppies love dinner time, don't they?") *

stick 11 -- photo by Sienna, 2 July 2004 (click to see a slide show of Pippin pics)
stick 11
2 July 2004

sit 30: Pippin sits pretty on the path -- Willamette River, 18 April 2004: photo by Sienna
sit 30
18 April 2004
swim 107 -- Willamette River, 13 May 2004: photo by Sienna
swim 107
13 May 2004

Pippin makes me laugh 'til i cry:
we were at the Willamette Park & he was running around with a couple of other doggies * he was tearing around in the really tall grass, showing off, having a blast * suddenly i saw his back legs go straight up & over his invisible head, tail over teakettle * i couldn't help but laugh at the dramatic flip, couldn't even open my eyes to see he was okay (he's a puppy -- he has no bones!) but the owner of the other 2 dogs told me he was fine, "that was deliberate!" he quoted Gimli at me -- did i watch the Rings movies? ha!

the time before that was when he came tearing out of the bushes onto the same path so fast that his legs slid out from under him & he landed on his face with a startled look & a loud umph!

day in the life (14 April):
Pippin learned to swim or i should say that he learned he could swim over the weekend * i took him to the Willamette this past lovely sunny Friday afternoon & got him fetching sticks on the edge of the river, which he's been reluctant to get all the way into * since the higher it is the stankier is & because that is some fast-flowing water i've never encouraged him much -- i figure if i'm not willing to go in after him i better not get him in there * but it was a stunning day so i waded in & decided i'd jump in if he got in trouble * i threw the stick further & further out until suddenly Pip was swimming, to his complete surprise * i made a total fool of myself cheering for him & kept it up until we were both sure of his ability * he was so proud of himself, so excited & cute i couldn't help but laugh with vicarious pleasure * i did feel just a twinge that if it's that much fun watching my pup take his first swim it's a shame that it seems so unlikely i'll ever get to watch a child of mine take his first steps or say her first word... ah well, gotta live the life ya got i say!

Pippin plunges in after a stick -- Willamette River, 18 April 2004: photo by Sienna
swim 17
18 April 2004

my psycho neighbor Jason man-handling the dogs into one of my planter boxes: photo by Sienna
psycho Jason makes Pip & Malk play
22 March 2004
self-portrait on the Bald Hill walk in Corvallis, Oregon: photo by Sienna
walk 21
1 April 2004

Pippin walks toward the beautifully backlit ferns on the Bald Hill path in Corvallis, Oregon -- photo by Sienna
light 3
1 March 2004

day in the life (2 April):
Pippin took a trip with me this past weekend & got to meet some of my best friends & see some of my favorite places * first stop was Portland, where Ben's cats ganged up on him & scared him into a corner -- hilarious * next stop was Seattle to see his pal Shiner, whom he'd already met when Max came down to visit me * we went to the dog park & o man! what a scary place! great for the dogs though * once he got his bearings Pip didn't have a thought for me -- i guess that's good? i met up with Ethan at a bar down the street & we fell into old tales & plenty of laughter, as always * not to mention too much beer * Max joined us a bit later & i should have been cut off but she tells me i was very funny (sheesh) * the laughter continued as Ethan told a childhood story of being jealous of the dog, whom he called "the crotch dog," because beautiful women would come over & he'd get into his position & they'd pet him & say how sweet he was * even at 6, Ethan knew that's where he wanted to be -- hilarious * he played the man & walked us home so he met the Pip though i have to be honest & say that the walk around the block we took with the dogs is blurry to say the least * next day, after another trip to the dog park, it was back down to Oly & a walk at the gorgeous Burfoot Park to see the mountains (ah those mountains... how i miss them * "ooo mama" i said gratefully when i came out on the highway from Seattle & that big gorgeous Rainier popped into view * i can't tell you how much joy i get out of seeing that mother mountain -- i know she could kill me but if she did i'd die happy) while the pup chased the waves -- you guessed it: hilarious * i had dinner with Kyle & Rachel * afterwards Kady liked Pippin (they played like puppies) so it was a complete success *


leftie Pippin poses with flowers, spring 2004: photo by Sienna
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