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"I pray every night to wake up crazier"

posted 10 July 2004

summah... & the living is easy

nest 5: swallow babies
nest 5: swallow babies checking out the big world at Twin Maple Lane, near Corvallis, OR, 6 July 2004 -- photo by Sienna

watching the little birdies

i've been watching a family of swallows in a nest i put up outside my living room window * the other day i noticed one of the babies perched with its head out the little hole, watching the adult swallows fly * i realized that there were at least 8 swallows all swooping their spirals right up close to the nest, as if they were encouraging the baby bird * "fly, baby, fly!" i echoed & wondered if the other babies were already flying or if this was the first brave one * i didn't see it fly but i'm glad to know they'll be gone by the time i'm ready to leave at the end of the month *

a few days before that i woke to the peeps of towhee youngsters & started the day with a smile * i didn't know when i woke up they were towhees but i saw the parents feeding them on the ground around my feeders later, making the same peeps *

this afternoon when i was filling the feeders i got buzzed by a rufous hummingbird * i mean buzzed -- it mussed my hair it flew so close * outside right now i see a black-headed grosbeak & a house finch sharing the big green feeder, a song sparrow in the bath, a scrub jay scaring them off as he lands on the suet & that hummer's back at the bee balm *

light 36: late evening
along the Willamette
light 36: late evening along the Willamette, 8 July 2004 -- photo by Sienna

rivers on the mind

the moment that Pippin waits for every day is the moment he hears Gandalf say "Fly, you fools!" & he knows i'm shutting my computer down so we can head to the river * as you know if you've checked out my slide shows, i get almost as much delight out of the river trips as he does *

yesterday as i was tossing the stick for my boy, an older lady who likes to talk came up & we stood chatting * she brought up politics & i thought, 'o, no' but within a few words i knew she was indeed, as she said, "radical" * we ended up talking about Fahrenheit 9/11 & about how if our current prez gets himself re-elected, er, re-elects himself, that the two of us will be taking to the streets * not exactly the conversation i expected! i think the times, they are a-changin'! i walked away with a bit of awe thinking that we cannot afford 4 more years of this & if that's what we're getting we all better stand up like Michael Moore & fighting with whatever we've got...

in brighter news, for me but not for Pip because he doesn't get to go: i'm just finishing up on a shopping spree in preparation for a 10 day river trip with my folks & my sister in September * very excited about that, for the river & for the time with the fam * & today my new tent arrived! i'm so excited about that i've got it up in my living room * heh... yeh, i'm a dork ;-)

my horrorscope this week
(for the week of 8 July 2004):
One of the most exuberant poets of the twentieth century was James Broughton. "I pray every night to wake up crazier," he wrote. By that he meant he wanted to become increasingly receptive to unpredictable joy and pleasure. His knack for having a good time didn't mean he dodged the hard times, though. "Suffering can't be avoided," he told interviewer Jack Foley. "The way to happiness is to go into the darkness of yourself. That's the place the seed is nourished, takes its roots and grows up, and becomes ultimately the plant and the flower. You can only go upward by first going downward." That's the perfect prescription for you in the coming days, Aries.

angel cards i just drew:
humour    adventure    love

how am i doing?
i don't have to tell you i'm doin' just fine on crazy! but i do hope to be more & more open to the unpredictable wonders of life * i think i do better than many & i'm glad that there are one or two people to look up to * my 3 words seem to go well with those directions -- feels like summer to me!
my favorite onscreen crushes:
the boys
Viggo *
Billy Boyd *
Gene Hackman *
Colin Firth *
Sean Penn, what a man, what an actor... *
& the girls

the best movies i've seen lately:
The Safety of Objects
(now that's a good tragedy) *
Fahrenheit 9/11 *
House of Sand and Fog
(but i don't know that i liked it) *
Lord of the Rings (all 3, what joy) *
Crimson Tide *

movies i want to see next:

what music is playing:

what i am reading:
entrance 6: Pippin leaps for the stick as it lands in the Willamette River -- 7 July 2004: photo by Sienna
entrance 6:
Pippin leaps for the stick as it lands in the Willamette River

birds at my feeders this week:
my answers to those questions he always asks on Inside the Actors Studio are as follows (today):
my most favorite word is river *
my least favorite word is war *
what turns me on is not having enough hours in a day *
what turns me off is not having enough hours in a day *
a sound i love is baby birds *
a sound i hate is the dryer that's always going next door *
my favorite curse word is c*cksucker *
a profession other than my own that i would love to try is editor *
a profession i would hate to try is cop *
if i end up at the pearly gates & there is a god to greet me, i would want her to say, "you can relax now, you're among friends" *

ways that Pippin is like the hobbit:
* he's always concerned about second breakfast
* he has big hairy feet
* he seldom wears shoes (he has been known to wear a slipper on his nose)
* he's a total fool (but an honest fool)
* he's got a goofy loveable face
* he's intensely loyal but also makes new friends everywhere he goes
* he likes to go walking, but home is best of all
* he loves to sleep in a nice soft bed
* his speech is very rustic
* he squeals like a girl (just like Billy/Pippin does several times in the movies

ways that Pippin is not like the hobbit:
* he doesn't really smoke too much, Pip
* he doesn't like beer either
* he swims like he was bred for it (funny, that)
* he'll never be able to have 13 babies (in fairness, that was Sam -- as far as i've read Pippin only had the one he named Faramir)
* he's missing his Merry
* he makes a lot of noise walking through the woods
* he doesn't sing (well, not exactly)
my favorite dream this month:
this one's awful, but it's still my favorite because it' made me laugh & it made me think * i'm in my bedroom but it's much lighter then the one i'm in now & there's a door open from it into the kitchen where there are other people chatting & enjoying the evening * i'm laughing trying to write this because in my bed with me is Bill Clinton & we're having too much fun fooling around * yikes! i did ask my mom & i told her the last fooling around dream was about Ashton Kutcher, much hotter than Bill but still a person who just does not do it for me at all * how come in my dreams Viggo just gives me a hug or takes my hand for a moment? not that i'd give those moments up because they're so real * & that's it: in my dreams, Viggo's a real person, a friend & a teacher, not a sex object * okay, i like that... but Bill Clinton?

exit 2 -- photo by Sienna, 7 July 2004 (click to see a slide show of Pippin pics)
exit 2
Pippin struggles out of the Willamette River with his stick


leftie graffiti wall 11: Corvallis Riverfront Park, 7 July 2004 -- photo by Sienna
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