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"Grace fills empty spaces, but it can only enter where there is a void to receive it, and it is grace itself which makes this void."

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posted 13 December 2004

we're coming up on a new year again, a new beginning again (my favorite) * there's a part of me that really loves the way everything sucks in its breath in winter * it looks like dying but it's also a preparation for spring, a giving of space & nutrients for whatever might come next *

ojos 2 -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 11 December 2004
ojos 2

there's nothing wrong with dying, contrary to popular opinion * i like to think of the way the salmon give their bodies back to the land in a most impressive reminder of the great cycle * on the right day on the right river (Yakima, Hoh, Skagit, Puget Sound) the stench of all their rotting bodies is almost unbearable & you can hardly keep the slime of them off your boots (& watch your dog because salmon poisoning is no joke) but it's beautiful magic perfect * one of the musts of life (heh, admiring death -- that's the thing: it's the same thing) *


i'm ready for whatever comes next * i'm not ready to donate my body to the cause (well, not if it means i have to vacate anyway), but i'm ready to get up stand up (if that's not taking the words of a great one in vain) * i think i say this every year, but i also think it becomes truer each year * there's always room for improvement *

last year at this time my rant was about feeling ready to move ahead with the future while the cards kept telling me to let go of my past * sometimes being sick of something feels like letting go of it * some things you have to let go of a dozen times before you're free * i'll tell you what: i'm free now!

peregrin falcon with dinner -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 11 December 2004
peregrin falcon with dinner

now i'm on about my future, even if i have no real plan * i have a kind of back up plan, in case the real plan doesn't ever swim up & introduce itself * maybe it's all the same plan * like the man says, i intend to "live all the days of [my] life" *

sure i want some things, some simple, average american girl type dreams, but i'm up for anything * if i'm ever gonna have my head on straight it's on straight now & i daresay my heart will always be in the right place (right there on my sleeves) * that's not to say i'm sitting around waiting, mind you * if nothing else i'll get that book dreamed into reality *

my horrorscope this week
(for the week of 9 December 2004):
According to my reading of the astrological omens, you need to feel high levels of both reverence and exuberance in the coming week. You'll thrive whenever you can experience awe and rowdy happiness in the same setting. Here's one possible way to achieve that: Dance in a church, synagogue, mosque, oak grove, mountaintop, or meditation sanctuary. Take a boom box or Walkman with you, and move your beautiful body with sacred, uproarious grace.

angel cards i just drew:
willingness   flexibility   harmony

what the tarot says
The possibilities are so lush it's almost embarrassing... go for it -- why hold back? [i'm not making this up, i love tarot.com]

how am i doing?
come & get me -- i'm still here!
my favorite crush:
i'll never tell (another real one, another 18 year old Macallan -- man, are those ever tasty ...sigh *

snow day #4 -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Community Center, 11 December 2004
snow day #4
out behind the Caspar Community Center this past weekend there was a pile of snow for the local kids to play on * there could have been a lot more snow but those kids didn't mind the mess at all * Pip & were happy with watching *
what i'm watching:
what do you think?
Inside the Actors Studio
Amazing Race 6
Rebel Billionaire
football (but not with much spirit)

what i'm reading:
The Secret Knowledge of Water

leftie red #4 (deciembre) -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 11 December 2004
red #4 (deciembre)
my answers to those questions he always asks on Inside the Actors Studio are as follows (today):
my most favorite word is squizz *
my least favorite word is no *
what turns me on is kissing *
what turns me off is not being kissed *
a sound i love is heartbeat *
a sound i hate is electricity *
my favorite curse word is sodding *
a profession other than my own that i would love to try is travel writer *
a profession i would hate to try is stewardess *
if i end up at the pearly gates & there is a god to greet me, i would want her to say, "Cascades or Canyonlands?" *


leftie surfer: checking me out checking you out -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Mac & Ann's, 11 December 2004
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