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one for Sarah

posted 31 January 2005

nothing to say

lately i haven't had a lot to say for myself & i've been working my wrists to the bone on other people's sites so i've almost missed putting up any January obsessions... have i mentioned that i define "weekly updates" as whenever i feel like it?

but the point of this site is to keep in touch with my friends & Sarah's been bugging me about this one for a while * you'd think a long email rant every day would be enough but that's what best friends are about isn't it? they're always interested & isn't that wonderful?

so here i sit, nothing to say, writing away * that's usually how i start anyway * i just write & see what comes out *


i watched Motorcycle Diaries last week & loved it as much as i loved the book (& if you click traveling music on the site you'll get to hear the lovely soundtrack) * the more things change the more they stay the same, eh?

prints #2: raccoon -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Beach, 18 January 2005
prints #2: raccoon

i've also been thinking a lot about those kiwis & how superior they feel to us low-vibe amurrikants (& maybe they are but i'd like to see them do it with 100 times the people: good fricken luck, mates) * i realize it's all in good fun, i can take a joke... but it's not funny, is it? my gorgeous, sometimes honourable, sometimes brutal, always beloved country has been acting like she's not a part of this whole wide world * she's been acting like i'm not a part of her too * maybe i should be saying he...

it makes me sad & it makes me angry & it makes me wish for a Che to come & help the other half of our country figure out how to take it back into the world *

poor me

it's the next morning & i have a little bit of a real rant now after one of the hardest longest slowest nights i've had in a long long time * here's the whole truth: i'm lonely... i'm so gawdamn lonely... i hate sleeping alone * i hate cooking alone * i hate crying alone * i hate having to be the one who starts the fire every single day * i hate being the only one who ever sweeps washes dishes shops * i hate having to get out of my hard moods alone & i hate not having anyone to take my bursting good moods to... i hate hate hate being alone alone alone... (but no, i still won't settle) *

my horrorscope this week
(for the week of 27 January 2005):
It'll be a bumper car kind of week, Aries. As long as you stick to the designated course, you can expect lots of thuds, jolts, and caroms that won't hurt a bit. In fact, most of them will actually be fun even as they knock some sense into you. That's why you have cosmic permission to raise your normal quotas of raucous laughter, boisterous horseplay, and madcap adventures. For extra credit, sprinkle wacky accents and silly voices into your conversations.

angel cards i just drew:
patience   tenderness   light

what the tarot says
You are in a responsive and magical universe. Surrender to it.

how am i doing?
this weekend i've been thinking a lot about whether or not to follow a certain dream * it'd be a big risk, maybe even an expensive risk (financially & emotionally) but isn't that part of the definition of a dream big enough to chase? i'm trying to listen to the signs & omens (always do) but lately i've tried just to pay attention without trying to interpret them * this morning i asked the tarot if i should follow that dream or not (i've been getting mixed messages) * asking the tarot is pretty much asking yourself but it's nice to have a card that's been used for hundreds of years tell you the same thing your heart is trying to say * the cards say follow it, without trying to predict it or define it * but i know where it starts...
my favorite crush:
...sigh *

what music is playing
(love that iTunes shuffle):
Dave Dobbyn *
Edie Brickell *
Laurie Anderson *
Natalie Merchant *
Al Green *
Bob Dylan *
Byrds *
my answers to those questions he always asks on Inside the Actors Studio are as follows (today):
my most favorite word is now *
my least favorite word is ex *
what turns me on is liveliness *
what turns me off is people who don't listen *
a sound i love is sea lions barking *
a sound i hate is cd skipping *
my favorite curse word is c*cksuckah *
a profession other than my own that i would love to try is writer *
a profession i would hate to try is accountant *
if i end up at the pearly gates & there is a god to greet me, i would want her to say, "Cascades or Canyonlands?" *
leftie content raft #3: sea lions raft up on a high tide day -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 11 January 2005
raft #3: on some high tide days the sea lions rafted up together & barked up a storm


leftie yellow 2 -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Jughandle Headlands, 30 January 2005
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