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last updated 18 November 2004

mmm, beer

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"I work until beer o'clock."
-- Steven King


Deschutes Brewery: one of my all-time favorite breweries, in lovely Bend, Oregon, named for one of the most beautiful rivers in the world

Full Sail Brewing: now employee owned

Pyramid Breweries: beer:30 is a great newsletter

Rogue Ales: Bed & Beer, Rogue Nation: Revolution for Brewing Independence -- not just great beer, but great ideas too!

Hales Ales: love the pale ale on nitro

Pike Brewing: great place to stop near Pike Place Market

Grant's Brewing Co.: so it's not my favorite taste but ya gotta admire Bert

Pelican Pub and Brewery: what's not to love about another fine ocean front microbrewery?

Oregon Brewers Festival: sample and learn

Washington Beer Festivals: one for each season

Seattle Beer Fest: in July & in Portland too

Washington Brewers Guild: a community of Washington State brewers

Oregon Brewers Guild: think Oregon, drink Oregon

Oregon Brew Crew: Portland Oregon's oldest and largest home brew club

Spring Beer Fest: April in Portland, OR (turn the sound off!)

Caskival: Canada's 1st beer festival dedicated to Real Ale

Great Canadian Beer Festival: Victoria, BC, in September
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Northern Cali & Beyond

North Coast Brewing: my hometown brew, just North of Caspar

Anderson Valley Brewing: another all-time fave & a great brewpub

Mendocino Brewing Company: Eye of the Hawk, baby (it'll getcha)

Lost Coast Brewery: Humbolt County's finest!

Bear Republic: great hoppy beer in purty labels

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company: they may be one of the big dogs now but it's still good beer

Arrogant Bastard Ale: & i thought Rogue had attitude!

Wasatch Brewery: Utah's first and oldest microbrewery (love the Polygamy Porter)

Moab Brewery: good food, good beer, more humour (gotta say, Utah, especially Moab, really snuck into my heart)

New Belgium: okay i don't love their beers, but i do love their wind power

Guinness: who doesn't love Guinness?

The Life of Beer: an epic exploration of one of my very favorite things by one of my very favorite people

Beer Travelers: for the love of hops

American Beer Month: in July -- Discover the Flavors of IndependenceTM

Association of Brewers: making quality beer and brewing knowledge accessible to all

Beer Serves America: wow, look at all those wages & taxes!

Protz On Beer: championing the cause of quality beer

Beer Institute: did you know... "One of George Washington's first acts as Commander of the Continental Army was to proclaim that every one of his troops would receive a quart of beer with his daily rations." Visit the site for more beer facts:

Campaign for Real Ale: champion of the [limey] consumer

Oxford Bottled Beer Database: 1782 beers listed, from 60 different countries

Brewing News: Regional Beer Newspapers, Calendars & Directories

Hop Union: for sale, for jokes & education


leftie one of my favorite beers cooling in one of my favorite rivers: click for pacific northwest rivers: photographs and stories
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