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last updated 13 December 2004

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"Americans. You can put a man on the moon, but you can't figure out how to get a four foot f---ing salmon over a f---ing dam."
-- Canadian on the Columbia
Flyfishing: Links & Books are in my River section (mainly Montana links so far)

Tex's Riverways: a fantastic river outfitting service out of Moab, Utah * get yourself out on the Green River!

Waterkeeper Alliance: providing a voice for waterways and their communities worldwide

Columbia River Swim: can you swim 1,243 miles?

Caviar Emptor: Roe to Ruin

Farmed and Dangerous: why you should think twice about eating farmed salmon

WildSmoke Salmon: profits go to raise some of the funds required to advance a truly sustainable fisheries vision

Long Live the Kings: restoring wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest

Save Our Wild Salmon: Columbia and Snake Rivers Campaign. We live & die with our salmon & the rivers which support us all. Excellent interactive map.

Salmonid Restoration Federation: protecting and restoratinig California's salmon, steelhead, and trout populations and their habitat

U.S. Salmon Network: works to protect and promote wild salmon

Watershed Watch Salmon Society: improve our chances of saving salmon

Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission: the technical support and coordinating agency for fishery management policies of the four Columbia River treaty tribes

Friends of the Columbia Gorge: vigorously protecting the Columbia River Gorge

Native Fish Society: advocating the conservation, protection and restoration of native fishes in the Northwest

Trout Unlimited: conserve, protect and restore North America's trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds

Izaak Walton League of America: soil, air, woods, waters, wildlife

River Smart: learn to be RiverSmart -- river tips to help you make lasting changes to improve our rivers and drinking water supply

AllAboutRivers.com: online guidebook for paddlers

River Network: helping people understand, protect and restore rivers and their watersheds

American Rivers: Restore. Protect. Enjoy.

Inforain GIS: bioregional information system -- achieve a deeper understanding of your local watersheds, estuaries and forests

International Rivers Network: seeking a world in which rivers and their watersheds are valued as living systems

Groundwater Foundation: educating & motivating people to care for & about groundwater

Water Education Foundation: creating a better understanding of water issues

StreamNet: fish data for the northwest

Student Watershed Research Project: hands-on riparian and aquatic ecosystem monitoring

Adopt-A-Stream Foundation: teaching people to become stewards of their watersheds

WaterWatch: protecting natural flows in Oregon rivers

Oregon Watershed Weeks: "We All Live in a Watershed!"

Deschutes Watersheds: bringing together watershed information and organizations for the Deschutes River basin

Deschutes Resources Conservancy: creating a new market-driven paradigm for ecosystem restoration (in my favorite river basin)

Willamette Riverkeeper: protecting and restoring the water quality and habitat of the Willamette River and its tributaries.

Siuslaw Watershed Council: an opportunity for local people to plan and participate in the restoration of their watershed

MidCoast Watersheds Council: based in Newport, Oregon

Marys River Watershed Council: working together for watershed health

Skagit System Cooperative: recovering freshwater and estuarine habitat for salmonids

Watershed Network California: protect and restore

Mattole Restoration Council: looking forward to a time in the Mattole watershed when "restoration" will no longer be needed

Russian River Watershed GIS: salmonid conservation and restoration

Clark Fork Coalition: a grassroots river-protection group in Missoula, Montana on the Clark Fork River

Blue Planet Project: an international effort to protect the world’s fresh water from the growing threats of trade and privatization

Ocean Futures Society: celebrating the ocean's vital importance to the survival of all life on our planet

The Ocean Conservancy: look beneath the surface of the sea

Oceana: protecting and restoring the world's oceans

Living Oceans Society: (BC) providing the public with ways that they can help to conserve the health of the ocean (& to cook!)

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS): investigation and documentation of violations of international laws, regulations, and treaties protecting marine wildlife species

Coral Reef Alliance: dedicated to keeping coral reefs alive around the world
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Raincoast: protecting marine and rainforest habitat on BC’s central and north coast

Raincoast Research: unleashing the Salmon Forest's capacity to renew itself

Orca Network: "We are all intricately connected, from tiny plankton to forage fish, salmon, orcas, tall firs and cedars, mountains, rivers and the ocean. It is time to reflect, to reconnect, and to respond as better caretakers of our planet."

Project SeaWolf: dedicated to the protection of whales and the habitats of other marine wildlife species in the Pacific Northwest

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance: protecting and preserving Puget Sound

NAME Conference: It's the Water: celebrating South Puget Sound

Vote the Coast: keeping a close watch over what is happening along the coast (CA)

Sustainable Fisheries Society: sustainable fisheries forever

Institute for Fisheries Resources: dedicated to the protection and restoration of fish resources and the human economies that depend on them

Recreational Fishing Alliance: save the fish and save sportfishing

Low Impact Hydropower Institute: reducing the impacts of hydropower generation


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