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last updated 2 April 2004

plants: garden to forest

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"As we drive up the river road, there are sixty thousand trees which I see but do not touch. Like me, Amanda is confined in the speeding Jeep but she touches every tree."
-- Tom Robins
United Plant Savers: working to preserve endangered medicinal plants

Seed Savers Exchange: "heirloom" (handed-down) garden seeds

Abundant Life Seed Foundation: educating seed growers and supporting an effective seed distribution network to promote the genetic diversity of plants

Garlic Seed Foundation: an informal organization of growers and eaters of Allium sativum dedicated to its consumption & production

Radical Weeds: books with seeds

Kitchen Gardeners International: helping people to connect with their food, the land, and each other

North American Fruit Explorers: a quest for excellence in fruit

Invasive and Exotic Species of North America: don't contribute to the spread of invasive plants!

National Garden Month: celebrate the power of gardening

Organic Gardening: great mag & site

National Gardening: helping gardeners and helping people through gardening

Johnny's Selected Seeds: gardening supplies & advice (great newsletter)

You Grow Girl: secrets of the plant kingdom revealed

Washington Native Plant Society: appreciate, conserve & study

WSU's Gardening in Western Washington: Northwest native plant guide

Bullock's Permaculture Portal: permaculture courses & resources

Permaculture Activist: permaculture resources for the whole planet

Boistfort Valley Farm: Community Supported Agriculture (Oly/Seattle area)

Heartsong Farm: in New Hampshire. Village Herbalist Nancy Phillips + Apple Grower Michael Phillips = herbs & apples!

Shelburne Farms: environmental education center & historic site (Vermont)

Gentle Wind Farm: herb and flower farm in Winthrop, WA (with great organic farm/garden resources)

Four Season Farm: if they can have a winter harvest in Maine...

City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes (based in Vancouver, BC) -- lots of cob info

San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners: "Our gardening and greening projects sow the seeds of social justice, community, economic development, and ecological sustainability."

Florida Plants: online guide to Florida plant life & natural environment

Way to Grow: recovery through nature

Thrive: using gardening to change lives (in the UK)

MetroFarm: mainly promotes the book, a guide to metropolitan agriculture, but also some radio shows to open your mind to new/old possibilities

Tips for Growing Your First Home Garden: more links for gardening
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ReThink Paper: ecological paper options and paper-use reduction tips
("tool box" requires a registration)

TreePeople: changing our approach to urban watershed management

Native Forest Council: working to fully protect and preserve every acre of publicly owned land in the US (quite a mission!)

National Arbor Day Foundation: helping people plant and care for trees

Rainforest Alliance: protecting ecosystems and the people and wildlife that live within them

Heritage Forests Campaign: working together to uphold protection of our National Forests

Cascadia Summer: a call to action against the war being waged on our public forests and environmental protections

National Forest Foundation: locally-based forest partnerships

Collaborative Learning Circle: sharing strategies and lessons learned (OR, CA)


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