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last updated 16 September 2004


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"you ain't been born till you get outta town"
-- Natalie Merchant
a few earthquake links are on my February 2001 Quake page

Buy Olympia: products made in or related to Olympia, Washington (Nikki McClure's paper-cut designs are incredible)

Batdorf & Bronson: delicious coffee roasted in Olympia

Ramblin' Jacks: good food, good beer, good friends

Boistfort Valley Farm: Community Supported Agriculture (used to be Flying Rhino) -- support your local farmers!

Olympia Farmers Market: locally produced food and products

Olympia Food Co-op: natural foods on the Eastside (rules) & Westside

Ralph's: my store up the block -- with an incredible organic section

Black Lake Organic: organic nursery & garden store

Steamboat Island Worm Farm: heal your soil and invigorate your garden

Fertile Ground: guest house with a mission in Olympia

Olympia Film Society: volunteer-run arts organization in the lovely & historic Capitol Theater

Orca Books: my local independent bookstore (buying a book being a political act -- buy local!)

KAOS: our community radio station

Lengua Rica: if you are in Olympia this is the place to learn to speak Spanish: 100% Spanish -- it's the way to go. If you're not in Oly, you can try the CD.

Salsa Linda: building community through salsa dancing (Tumwater)

Olympia Mountaineers: I'm an armchair mountaineer myself ;)

Procession of the Species: most of Olympia dresses up as a species (or star) & walks (or dances) in celebration of Earth Day & Oly's Spring Art Walk

Experience Washington: Washington state tourism website

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance: protecting and preserving Puget Sound

NAME Conference: It's the Water: celebrating South Puget Sound

Northwest Ecosystem Alliance: protects and restores wildlands in the PNW

Cascades Conservation Partnership: working to link the forests of Alpine Lakes to Mount Rainier, preserving critical habitat for NW creatures

Washington Environmental Council: protecting our state's environment and natural heritage for current and future generations

Earth Share of Washington: an alliance of 60 environmental organizations

National Earth Institute: supports the commitment of individuals who respect and seek to protect the earth

Northwest Environmental Training Center: technical training for environmental professionals

Climate Solutions: making the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia a world leader in practical and profitable solutions to global warming

Freechild Project: growing democracy through youth engagement

WashingtonVotes.org: keeping tabs on our state legislators

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Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation: support nonviolence and justice

Oly Network: promoting communication, networking, and accessibility within the Olympia area social change community

Community FreeSkool: knowledge to share

Media Island International: a resource and networking center

Olympia Insider: our very own portal

City of Olympia: the official site

Olympic National Park: a precious chunk of roadless wilderness

Mount Rainier National Park: The mountain, the highest & most dangerous volcano in the US -- for more about her, read The Measure of a Mountain


leftie Oly Stubbie label -- Olympia beer ('it's the water') is no longer brewed in Oly and you can no longer get a stubbie like this one with a rebus on the cap.
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