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last updated 5 January 2005


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"Yo creo que el amor y el odio van pegados, quien ama la libertad odia lo contrario, cualquier amor que no implique odio es medio sospechoso."
-- Eduardo Galeano

Canopy Tower: ecolodge in Panamá -- bird watching heaven

Apoyo Nicaragua: intensive Spanish school or ecotourism destination -- a fantastic school in a lovely place (I learned a lot from Bismark)

Julio Cortázar: author, activist & friend to many (en español)

Poesía.com: Poesía latinoamericana, cada día un poema nuevo

Lengua Rica: if you are in Olympia this is the place to learn to speak Spanish: 100% Spanish -- it's the way to go. Ethan is a patient, innovative & entertaining teacher. Isabella is a native Spanish speaker but she's very playful & enjoys teasing Ethan by speaking in English. If you're not in Oly, you can try the CD.

Study Spanish: online learning tools & games

Planeta.com: a clearinghouse for practical ecotourism around the globe

JourneyWoman: connecting travelling women 'round the world

I Go U Go: sharing travel experiences
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peace in the Americas

Stop CAFTA: Tell Your Representative to Say NO to CAFTA!

Friends of Gaviotas: capture the spirit of Gaviotas, an oasis of peace in a country ravaged by violence (read the incredible story of Gaviotas)

MADRE: international women's human rights organization

STITCH: building connections between Central American and US women organizing for economic justice

Witness for Peace: a nonviolent grassroots movement to end the cycles of military and economic violence in Latin America

Latin America Solidarity Coalition: stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers throughout the Americas

Latin American Working Group: striving for U.S. policies that promote peace, justice and sustainable development in the region

Foundation For Sustainable Development: internships, development grants, and service learning/study tours in Latin America and Africa

Nicaragua Network: solidarity with the people of Nicaragua

México Solidarity Network: struggling for democracy, economic justice and human rights on both sides of the US-Mexico border

Colombia Support Network: Paz y Justicia Para Colombia : Peace and Justice for Colombia

CISPES: committee in solidarity with the people of El Salvador

School of the Americas Watch: ignorance is bliss

Stop the FTAA! stop putting commercial interests above all other values

Hidden in Plain Sight: a feature-length documentary that looks at the nature of U.S. policy in Latin American through the prism of the School of the Americas, the controversial military school that trains Latin soldiers in the USA


leftie la mujer liberada: click for travels in Nicaragua, a '3rd world' love story (photographs and stories)
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