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the Obsession Chronicles

Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them and pretty soon you have a dozen.

seeing the beauty

posted 20 March 2006
happy spring!

elevator goes both ways

i have neglected my obsession chronicles for more than a season now * it's not that i haven't been obsessing * the funny thing about the last 2 entries (mirror be reflectin' & dark days having their own light) was that on my wild train of thought i was talking about the same thing in both rants * the whole point, as i have been trying to live it, is that it's always both * i love my contradictions, how my truth is a slightly different colour in this rich mysterious moment than it was last month or will be next year * it delights me that i continue to surprise myself, that i can feel battle-pulled & calm consistant in the same days * to me it's all beautiful, the dark & the light, laughter & tears, winter & spring * i find lessons & beauties in all the days * still tryin' to write that down...

shake -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Beach, 18 March 2006
shake, Caspar Beach, 18 March 2006
"Only those who attempt the absurd ... will achieve the impossible. I think. I think it's in my basement, let me go upstairs and check."
-- Maurits Cornelius Escher

what comes along

i feel like i'm a pretty lucky girl * i find myself in some tender sweet moments & most times i remember to pay close attention to them, to cherish them as they come as thoroughly as after they go * it's all about keeping your eyes (mind spirit heart) open, spreading your arms (wings boundaries stories)...

leftie 12:34 pm -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Beach, 18 March 2006
12:34 pm

a week ago i sat in my wood-moody living room with my pup reading a manuscript sent to me by a brotherspirit, gettin' to see the magic in progress, feelin' like i was peeking at the roots before the flowers open, close to the story that isn't mine but grows into my language *

later on the same night i was sittin' in a building i've loved all my life yet hadn't entered in many years * sittin' with my neighbor & sistercritter Angie, lucky me, the night before her tour * her voice surrounding us while another talented local character (with the most deluscious braid i've seen in ages) mixed a song which will always remind me of that toothsome evening *

telling Angie about the 2 creative forces that had spun me 'round that night, i laughed at myself, "what'm i doing?" we'd been talking about our loves & secrets, dark sides & wishes, triumphs & doubts, all centered loosely on the main question of how do we love one another, self & other, friends & lovers both * plus, she's a bright side, half full kinda girl, so she says sweet-seriously, "i think this conversation we've been having is where your creative energy is going" * !!! * i have been hoping & wishing that that's true, trusting that the journey keeps feeding me as it does *

(inspired by The Human Clock™)
1:11 pm
1:11 pm -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Beach, 18 March 2006

i have been riding the same conversation river with a few quick-witted bird-eyed open-heart friends & i've never been truer nor freer * the more i let the good Madam Universe swirl me along, creating me & offering the days as she will, the more grounded free ready i feel *

i've been wanting to write love poems to the friends who walk & talk with me in our real & imagined worlds, always giggling over how we say "just" friends * lately i've been thinking that friendship is the real gem/teacher because it accepts, challenges, nourishes, following only the simplest, most generous rules * a good friendlover, well that's all i'm lookin' for, heh, they're out there, they do come along *

nice surprises

speaking of chance, a few nights ago i spent some quicklasting hours in the delightful company of an Aussie who happened to sit next to me at the Caspar Inn * sat quite content for some time sipping my Scrimshaw, looking around at the crowd thinking how funny unusual it was that the only people i knew in the bar were the people working * entertained all the while, listening close to catch the words in the accent, thinking how much fun a random conversation with somebody from another country is (contact with the real world) & how sometimes the most intriguing finds are the ones i wasn't expecting *

2:11 pm -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Beach, 18 March 2006
2:11 pm (inspired by The Human Clock™)

leftie 5 pm -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 19 March 2006
my horrorscope this week
(for the week of 16 March 2006)
Your horoscope this week comes to you courtesy of the ancient Chinese book of oracles, the I Ching, translated by Richard Wilhelm. The title of your reading is "Liberation." Here's the heart of it: "In times of standstill it will happen that inferior people attach themselves to you and even seem to grow indispensable. But when the time of deliverance draws near, with its call to action, you must free yourself from such chance acquaintances with whom you have no inner connections. For otherwise the friends who share your views, on whom you could rely and together with whom you could accomplish great things, mistrust you and stay away."

angel cards i just drew
harmony   joy   freedom

what the tarot says
Continue to articulate and define yourself in light of the torch you are carrying.

7:13 pm -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 19 March 2006
how'm i doing
lovin' it * feelin' the harmony joy freedom, sure am * this here's a magic place * wow, that's some heavy words from my favorite astrologer, but it makes sense at this time of year which always feels more like the beginning than the calendar turn does * winter to spring is about as close to the connection in the death & rebirth cycle as it gets * it helps that my birthday's 'round the same day * i have no plan, that's truth, but i'm feelin' the magic, sniffin' the lilacs, enjoyin' the ride *
my favorite crushes
D'mirror *
a couple of local boys *
& a couple from down under *
Jake Gyllenhaal *
Michelle Williams *

what i'm reading
Stonefish *
RedBoy Rules *

mirror -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Headlands, 19 March 2006

leftie puppy love -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar, 8 March 2006
puppy friends: Abbey & Pippin

my answers to those questions he always asks on Inside the Actors Studio are as follows (today):
my most favorite word is magic *
my least favorite word is mine *
what turns me on is what comes along *
what turns me off is obligation *
a sound i love is rain *
a sound i hate is whinging *
my favorite curse word is c*ck *
a profession other than my own that i would love to try is anything musical (but behind the scenes) *
a profession i would hate to try is dentist *
if i end up at the pearly gates & there is a god to greet me, i would want her to say, "the concert's down by the river, m'dear" *
bird blessings
anna's hummingbird *
rufous hummingbird *
chestnut-backed chickadee (dee dee) *
white-crowned sparrow *
golden-crowned sparrow *
song sparrow *
scrub jay *
steller's jay *
canada goose *
zopilote *
white-tailed kite *
red-tailed hawk *
harrier *
kestrel *

girl friends: Angie & Kate
girl friends: Angie & Kate -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar, 13 March 2006


leftie 10:26 am -- photo by Sienna M Potts, Caspar Beach, 18 March 2006
10:26 am, which, where i am, happens to be the moment of the equinox
(inspired by The Human Clock™)
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