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the Obsession Chronicles

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple."
-- Oscar Wilde

posted 27 June 2004

time flying when you're obsessed

Point Cabrillo 7: the Fresnel lens
Point Cabrillo 7: the Fresnel lens of the Point Cabrillo lighthouse -- June 2004: photo by Sienna
yikes, another 10 days with no update to obsess... what can i say? sunny summer days, a trip home to Caspar, my latest playground thankyouViggo.com... there just are not enough hours in the day -- & that's a great feeling!
what have i been up to? i took a lightning fast trip home to Caspar (my birth home, my future home), just for a weekend * well worth it, can't wait to be in for good * i spend a coupla hours every day at the river with Pippin * he fetches (kinda) sticks & i take tons of pictures * the pictures are beginning to end up in my new art gallery, virtual styley (check it out: slide show heaven) * that's where the hours go, with joy * keep an eye on it -- if this page gets old, it's because that one's getting the attention!
i did see Fahrenheit 9/11 this weekend (had to support it opening weekend) & it is an eye-opener (or 12) * only warning is: don't go to the 10 pm show (it's a bit long) *

making lists: about this page

last updated 10 January 2004
the stunning movie The Pillow Book is the inspiration for this ever-evolving page of lists * there are lots of links mixed in on my lists -- if i could find a good link on any item, i included it * some links go straight to Amazon.com or the IMDb but watch that bottom status bar because there are some other great links hidden in there * if you're interested in a little history, follow the story behind this page on the one that came before it, otherwise, click on for more rambling words and lists of beloved things -- is that an oxymoron?
the lists below may look the same but they change every time i update the page * not all of them every time, but all of them over time * as it's a new year i'm going to give them another thorough going over, keep my mind moving on to new obsessions, even though i don't completely let go of the old ones *
the 2 spots at top i'll keep -- they're always changing & besides, they please me (i'm the only audience for these pages for all i know, so why not?) * my horrorscope: i'm a woo-woo type, part pagan, so why not revel in it? & the hotties in the movies: what's life without some tasty crushes? i try to keep the list short, but when i really fall for somebody it's usually because of a generous genuine nature & then i never want to take him&her off my list * like Viggo, like Salma * i saw the elvin Cate Blanchett on Inside the Actors Studio & wow... she said "It has to be a generous act" about really giving herself to a performance emotionally, going all out as she does * the generosity of creative expression is one of my favorite concepts, the one i've begun the last 2 years with (see Viggo for last year, & Brezsny for this) * see, it's all connected *

my horrorscope this week
(for the week of 24 June 2004):
"Let that which stood in front go behind!" roared Walt Whitman in his poem "Respondez!" "And let that which was behind advance to the front and speak." That's the first clue you should meditate on in the coming week, Aries. Your second hint is from Bob Dylan, who could have been talking to you when he wrote these words for his song, "The Times They Are A-Changin'": "The slow one now/ will later be fast/ And the first one now/ will later be last."

angel cards i just drew:
_______    willingness    understanding

how am i doing?
funny he should be quoting poetry at me * i just bought a pile of books at the incomparable Powell's, including some beautifully illuminated Blake books & one of D.H. Lawrence's work (gee i wonder who gave me those suggestions!) * ...i do love that blank card: i am willing to fill it & yet i understand that it's not meant to be filled...

grass 31: snake grass in the field next to my Caspar home -- June 2004: photo by Sienna
grass 31: snake grass in the field next to my Caspar home
my favorite onscreen crushes:
the boys
Viggo *
Billy Boyd *
Philip Seymour Hoffman *
Ryan Gosling *
Colin Firth *
George Clooney (i hate to love him, but i'm big enough to admit i do) *
speaking of dirty little secrets, Outback Jack is the hottest reality tv star, ever (i might even compete for that one) *
& the girls

the best movies i've seen lately:

movies i want to see next:

what music is playing:

what i am reading:
red 46: looking down at my feet in orange flip flops with red skirt, in the Willamette River -- June 2004: photo by Sienna
red 46: red skirt, orange flip flops, Willamette River

birds at my feeders this week:
my answers to those questions he always asks on Inside the Actors Studio are as follows (today):
my most favorite word is gem *
my least favorite word is postpone *
what turns me on is not having enough hours in a day *
what turns me off is not having enough hours in a day *
a sound i love is the sound of the forest *
a sound i hate is too many semis on the highway *
my favorite curse word is fokker *
a profession other than my own that i would love to try is gardener *
a profession i would hate to try is landscaper *
if i end up at the pearly gates & there is a god to greet me, i would want her to say, "you can relax now, you're among friends" *

ways that Pippin is like the hobbit:
* he's always concerned about second breakfast
* he has big hairy feet
* he seldom wears shoes (he has been known to wear a slipper on his nose)
* he's a total fool (but an honest fool)
* he's got a goofy loveable face
* he's intensely loyal but also makes new friends everywhere he goes
* he likes to go walking, but home is best of all
* his speech is very rustic
* he squeals like a girl (just like Billy/Pippin did in FotR when the firecracker went off in his hand)

ways that Pippin is not like the hobbit:
* he doesn't really smoke too much, Pip
* he doesn't like beer either
* he swims like he was bred for it (funny, that)
* he'll never be able to have 13 babies (in fairness, that was Sam -- as far as i've read Pippin only had the one he named Faramir)
* he's missing his Merry
* he makes a lot of noise walking through the woods
* he doesn't sing (well, not exactly)

cookie 42 -- June 2004: photo by Sienna (click to see series as slide show)
4:22 pm: treetops by the Willamette River -- photo by Sienna, June 2004 (click to see series as slide show)
4:22 pm
treetops by the Willamette River:
see series as slide show

my favorite dream this month (my mom's dream this time):
"I dreamed I was working on some project with you and Viggo. We were all working on our own but together. It was good to see you and tho' none of us spoke I eventually thought, well, this is the great Viggo (not from Lord of the Rings but from your guidance dreams, etc.) and I should formally meet him. So I introduced myself and we shook hands or had some contact and it was all very low-key, with no one being any more important than anyone else. We were all casual, in dress and attitude and behavior. My first thought on waking was I had to tell you about my Viggo dream. He looked just like he did in the movie, which is the only place I've seen him. Tho' I'm pretty clueless at present about interpretation it seemed important that in some way your guidance dream character and your sort of inspiration and role model appeared in my dream at a time when I'm looking to my dreams and inner voice for guidance and direction."


leftie flower 30 -- June 2004, photo by Sienna
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